Puppy stolen near Frick Park found, reunited with owner


City public works employees found Daphne in Blue Slide Park after a passerby alerted them that the puppy had been spotted. They brought her to the Zone 4 police station, and she was reunited with her owner.

“Pittsburgh police appreciate the assistance. There are no arrests at this time,” the Public Safety Department said.

Daphne’s owners, Andrew and Debbie Gespass said they were walking their rescue puppy in their neighborhood, around six o’clock Tuesday night, when a man asked to pet her.

“Then he picked her up which was maybe a little odd but not terribly, then he unlatched her leash which kinda shocked me, I said what are you doing,” said Debbie Gespass.

Gespass said she tried to get Daphne back, but the man pushed away and ran.

“I was screaming I was in the street yelling help somebody stole my dog,” said Gespass.

The couple said neighbors called police, some chased the man and others gave police a description.

Sixteen hours later, she was found alone in Blue Slide Park and arrived home with a police escort.

“This police officer knocked on my door and he said I have something for you and he looked really excited about it and of course I knew and she comes bounding out of the van,” said Gespass.

The couple hopes the man who snatched Daphne is found and gets help.

Pittsburgh police are asking for the public’s help after a puppy was stolen from its owner on Tuesday.

Police said the dog’s owner was walking the dog near the Frick Park Environmental Center around 6 p.m. when a man stopped and started petting the dog. At one point, the man picked the dog up and unhooked the leash from its collar.

When the woman asked for her dog back, police said he pushed her and ran off with the puppy.

The dog, Daphne, is a 4-month-old mixed breed with black and white coloring, approximately 20 pounds and wearing a pink collar.