What's Included in a WiBOC Membership?

The Wireless Business Owners Consortium (WiBOC) is a trade organization created for Pre and Post-Paid Independent Wireless Resellers.  Through it's Supplier Partners and respected industry experts, WiBOC provides access to best practices & high-impact training for owners/managers and front-line associates for the purpose of increasing profitability.

WiBOC also delivers information on new products/services, current trends and proven strategies for maximizing sales and increasing customer retention.

Membership in WiBOC is open to all pre and post-paid wireless dealers. Membership features are targeted towards Owner/Managers and Front-line Sales Associates. 

WiBOC membership will help to:

  • Identify money-making strategies and best practices from the industry’s top suppliers and subject matter experts
  • Provide expert training for Owners, Managers and Sales Staff at a very low or NO cost
  • Promote new wireless trends, technologies, and new money-making products & services
  • Share great ideas that dealers are using to reduce costs and operate more efficiently

As a member, you will have access to:

  • No Cost/Low Cost training including, but not limited to:
  • The WiBOC Owner's Summit:  Best Practice Strategies for Boosting Sales & Profit
  • Beat Your Best™ Store Manager Training:  Coaching your Sales Team to Higher Levels of Performance
  • Recruiting & Retaining Higher Caliber Employees
  • Web-based Sales Training Modules for Front-line Sales Associates
  • Special promos powered by WiBOC Supplier Partners
  • The WiBOC Newsletter

How Much Does WiBOC Membership Cost?

WiBOC Membership is free through December 2016. Afterwards, there is an annual membership fee of:

  • $99 / year - per Owner/Manager
  • $19 / year - per Sales Associate

Does WiBOC Have a Sales Certification Program?

WiBOC works closely with our Supplier Partners and Corporate Dynamics Inc. to develop and administer certification programs for front-line managers and salespeople. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at Corporate Dynamics Inc. at 630-778-9991 to learn more.

How Does WiBOC Help Dealers to Grow Profitability?

WiBOC's on-site and on-line educational services provide Wireless Dealers with:

  • Information on new wireless trends, technologies, products & services
  • Exposure to new money-making strategies and best practices
  • Proven ideas to reduce costs and operate more efficiently
  • Access to world-class retail sales and retail management training 

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