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These are challenging times for Independent Wireless Resellers. Decreasing carrier commissions and increasing costs have resulted in many wireless businesses working harder and investing more to make the same or less money.
Mark Landiak, WiBOC Executive Director
What if I told you that there was a resource you could turn to that would:
  • Bring you money-making strategies and best practices from the industry’s top suppliers and subject matter experts…
  • Provide Expert training for Owners, Managers and Sales Staff at a very low or NO cost…
  • Provide Information on new wireless trends, technologies, and new money-making products & services…
  • And, bring you some great ideas that dealers are using to reduce costs and operate more efficiently?
My name is Mark Landiak, an Executive Director of WiBOC.  WiBOC is an association with the mission of helping Pre and Post-Paid Independent Wireless Resellers address the challenges of running a wireless business by providing strategies and training to increase sales and make more money.
We have recently restructured WiBOC to pursue this mission. Starting in 2016, we will be partnering with the industry’s best suppliers to provide a wide range of educational services aimed at improving operational performance through the WiBOC Supplier Partner Program.  Furthermore, we are now our collaborating with the Wireless Professionals LinkedIn group (consisting of over 7,000 wireless professionals as members).  We encourage every WiBOC member to join.  
With the help of our Supplier Partners and respected industry experts, WiBOC will provide high-impact best practices for boosting profit & educational programing for owners, managers, and front-line associates. WiBOC will also deliver information on new products and services, current trends, and proven strategies for growing sales & profitability. 
We understand that making money in wireless is more difficult than ever. Call us today to learn about the on-site and on-line traning options available to your business that can be funded in whole or in part with the help of WiBOC and our Supplier Partner Program.
For a limited time, membership in WiBOC is free to all Wireless Dealer Owners, Managers and Staff.  Be sure to join. Your bottom line will thank you for it.
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