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Wireless Dealers are missing out on the $23.9 billion spent in the U.S. in 2016 on repair and replacement of broken smartphones.

Problem: Loss of foot traffic - Loss of revenue - Negative customer experience

  • Today, wireless dealers are having to turn away customers since they do not do repairs or provide a repair solution.  They are losing foot traffic and repeat customer business impacting revenue.
  • Wireless dealers that have considered getting into the repair business realize the complexities of the business. Just a few examples of things that need to be considered:
    • Supply Chain Management
      • There are over 1,100 factories in China that manufacture repair parts for the industry.
        • They have widely varied quality and rating systems
        • Many US distributors will buy from these factories and not have indicators when a trusted factory makes changes to production
        • Quality is further impacted by Chinese holidays, government intervention and major OEM factories flooding the market with overruns
  • Technician Readiness
    • Training correctly is cumbersome and expensiveEffective training takes 4 to 6 weeks
      • Requires a lot of hands on and content investment to be effective
      • New product launches are rapid
      • There is no industry standard to train or certify a mobile repair technician
  • Workspace matters
    • Right tools – makes the job easier and OEM specific
    • ESD is critical
    • Ergonomics for tech productivity
  • Wireless dealers, that provide customers a repair solution, most often ship the customers’ devices off for repair, which takes about 2 to 3 weeks to turnaround.  It’s a tremendous inconvenience.   Providing this level of customer service negatively impacts the relationship with the customer.  

Solution and ROI

Increased foot traffic – New revenue stream – Positive customer experience

  • Staymobile provides wireless dealers 3 new revenue streams, which positively impact foot traffic, customer engagement and provide an exceptional customer experience.
  1. Local Repair and/or Expedited Repair Shipping Model
  2. Stand-alone Staymobile warranty
  3. Staymobile bundle: Case + Protection sold as an accessory in your store
    - Bundle includes Cell Phone Case (on certain models) + Tempered Glass + 3 Year Never Pay Guarantee covering drops and spills
  • Staymobile provides a repair solution by eliminating the need for the wireless dealer to invest in its own technicians while still providing local repPhoto of Staymobile - Salt Lake City, UT, United Statesair service and /or quick turn times on shipping.
  • Staymobile partners with enterprise clients and wireless dealers in local markets by providing pick up and return service on broken devices.
  • Staymobile provides quick turn times with overnight or two-day shipping of devices into a Staymobile location.
  • Wireless customers enter the store with an issue and it’s resolved in store. Customers are not turned away from the store, which when they do turns into a lost visit and lost revenue.
  • For those dealers who are interested in providing their own local repair service:
    • Staymobile can provide necessary technical training and supply chain management.
    • Staymobile works with many partners with large volume building out and providing a store within a store model – repair area in stores often less than 200 sq. ft. of space, which means very little is given up as a ratio to its returns.
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