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An employee engagement solution for retailers that increases
sales performance and employee retention by up to 10%.

The Bottom Line

  • Arcade is a workplace engagement tool that helps sales teams increase productivity.
  • Arcade is a platform that makes it easier to keep your salespeople motivated everyday. Every version of Arcade includes a sales messenger, engagement feed & incentive portal. 
  • Studies have shown that engaged employees are 21% more productive, increase profitability by 22% and 25% more likely to stay with their company.
"Metro Solutions LLC has implemented Arcade into our daily grind recently with huge success! It has brought us closer together as a team. We communicate much better whether it be the always exciting News feed or the highly personalized daily chat. I check and update these constantly and find it very productive. The staff at Arcade has worked feverishly with Metro Solutions to provide the best possible experience for our team. I am also excited about the future of Arcade. A big thank you to each and everyone over in Texas." - Jeremy Lord, Metro Dealer Partner


"The Arcade platform has shown great value for our teams and our business. Their communication tools and team celebration capabilities have had a positive impact on morale."
- Sam Sanchez, Metro Dealer Partner

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