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Encouraging Early Feedback Coming In for Making Money In Wireless 2017 Training Programs

Mark Landiak Meets with Chad Trautsch of Computer Support Plus to Discuss Beat Your Best TrainingBy Meg Nigro

WiBOC's Making Money in Wireless 2017 Initiative (MMW 2017) has been drawing loads of interest from all across the wireless space ever since it's emergence at CTIA Super Mobility last month. Early feedback on the effectiveness of its training components to the independent wireless dealer channel is already beginning to stream in, and it is extremely positive.

WiBOC Executive Director & Corporate Trainer Mark Landiak met with Owner/Operator of Computer Support Plus, Chad Trautsch, to discuss their recent training session. Trautsch expects this particular module of the training component to set his group on a real upward trend.

"I never really had a clear idea on how to put metrics on each employee and to make them accountable. I was trying to do this all myself. Now... I realize I don't have to (try to take it all upon myself). I can have them be accountable in some form or fashion.", Trautsch said.

Landiak mentioned that on the Supplier sideMMW 2017 has already drawn interest from over 10 accessory manufacturers, distributors, and wireless repair groups. On the dealer side, interest is already coming in from dealers across all major carriers including Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and Sprint.

Trautsch had particularly high praise for the coaching components element of the module. "The coaching conversations were incredible. We went through these role plays and I realized that there's a way to communicate that's not belittling (to employees)... to make them feel more empowered."

You can click here to watch the entire video on Youtube. To sign up for Making Money in Wireless 2017, you can click below or call 630-778-9991.