Industry Insights

In the coming months, the Future of Wireless Thought Leadership Team will examine the drivers of sales and profitability and suggest the go-to-market strategies necessary to catch the wave.  They will discuss best practices in a wide variety of topics including:


  • How will businesses organize top-down and bottom-up to compete (and win) in the coming years?
  • How will you address the disruptive technologies (and companies) that threaten ARPU and the future of the traditional wireless Retail Store model?


  • What are the Leadership, Sales and Service-oriented processes that will enable high performance?
  • What’s in store for the future customer experience…and what customer experiences won’t be in-store.
  • How will you secure and grow your customer base as you face a new wave of non-traditional competitors?

Products & Services

  • What are the technologies and products that will drive customer demand?
  • What new services will be part of your future business model?
  • What profit centers will disappear and what will replace them?
  • How will you manage lower margins with high demand products and higher costs?


  • What skill sets will salespeople and managers need to keep pace with rapid-fire changes in the wireless landscape?
  • What are the profiles for the Wireless Reps and Managers of the future? Who are we looking for? And where will we find them?
  • What tools will you be using to field the most effective sales, customer service and management teams?


  • How will you prepare your business for future profitability?


  • What might Amazon do?
  • Will e-Sim technology make your customer base disappear?
  • What tools, training and competencies will your managers need to be adept at to lead your team
  • How will vertical-ization impact your business strategy?