The Future of Wireless Project

Foresight is 2020

How much more prepared and profitable would your business be if you could see the future of wireless in 2018, 2019 or even 2020?

The Wireless Business Owners Consortium ( is launching The Future of Wireless Project  - an initiative to educate businesses about the technologies and trends that will mold the wireless industry and shape the way we do business.
In the coming months, thought leaders and subject matter experts from across the industry will talk about the new and existing products and services that will become the future profit centers for those of us who make our living in the wireless arena.
Our thought leader team will examine the drivers of sales and profitability and suggest the go-to-market strategies necessary to catch the wave.  The Future of Wireless Project will introduce best practices and provide educational events, webinars, interviews, case studies and seminars on a wide variety of topics including:
How will businesses organize top-down and bottom-up to compete (and win) in the coming years?
How will you address the disruptive technologies (and companies) that threaten ARPU and the future of the traditional wireless Retail Store model?
What are the Leadership, Sales and Service-oriented processes that will enable high performance?
What’s in store for the future customer experience…and what customer experiences won’t be in-store.
How will you secure and grow your customer base as you face a new wave of non-traditional competitors?
Products & Services
What are the technologies and products that will drive customer demand?
What new services will be part of your future business model?
What profit centers will disappear and what will replace them?
How will you manage lower margins with high demand products and higher costs?
What skill sets will salespeople and managers need to keep pace with rapid-fire changes in the wireless landscape?
What are the profiles for the Wireless Reps and Managers of the future? Who are we looking for? And where will we find them?
What tools will you be using to field the most effective sales, customer service and management teams?
How will you prepare your business for future profitability?
What might Amazon do?
Will e-Sim technology make your customer base disappear?
What tools, training and competencies will your managers need to be adept at to lead your team
How will Vertical-ization impact your business strategy?
WiBOC and our many association and supplier partners are excited to bring you a continuous stream of insights into the future of the business of wireless along with strategies for moving your business forward.