What Makes a Great Manager in Wireless Retail

Great Traits in a Wireless Retail Manager

By Mark Landiak

Great teams share in both success and failure. However, every team outcome is a reflection of the quality of leadership that is demonstrated within that unit. Great leaders both take it upon themselves to program this into their team's organizational culture and serve as active model participants in these daily pursuits

Contrary to popular belief, it was Voltaire (not Spider-Man's Uncle Ben) that originally coined the phrase, “With great power comes great responsibility.” That's a lot of power/responsibility that store owners and regional managers bestow upon store managers when they decide to hand over the keys to the store. Yet, it has unfortunately become a common practice for sales reps with little or no wireless retail management experience to be promoted into store manager roles.

Wireless store managers: the quality of your leadership will ultimately determine the level of performance of your store and your team. Dealers: it's on you to ensure that you're putting the right management personnel in place and (in doing so) putting them in a consistent position to succeed.

Here's a list of the top traits of an effective wireless store manager (and what they mean to your wireless retail buiness).

  • Places the highest priority on customer experience. Look for your wireless store manager to go the extra mile in pleasing the customer. They should be highly adept at diagnosing (as well as teaching team members to diagnose) the customer's needs while educating the customer on products and services.

    • What it means to your wireless business: Ongoing customer loyalty.

  • Plans and forecasts sales consistently. Your wireless store manager should be meticulous in creating daily, weekly, and monthly forecasts for sales performance. They should be able to look at past performances to understand trends and recognize areas to exploit or that need improvement.

    • What it means to your wireless business: The ability to take risks and grow your business beyond its current state.

  • Meets regularly with sales reps. Make sure you have a store manager that keeps the lines of communication flowing. They should schedule meetings with your wireless sales reps to go over MAPs and discuss performance barriers.

    • What it means to your wireless business: A well-trained and consistently performing sales team.

  • Clearly communicates goals. Part of communicating regularly with sales reps is working together with them to set realistic and challenging goals. The goals your store managers set for your sales team should reflect a gradual growth curve and continuing improvement.

    • What it means to your wireless business: A motivated sales team with a clear direction.

  • Holds team members responsible. In setting those goals, your store manager should also hold your team members accountable in reaching them. If goals are reached or eclipsed, it is important to celebrate success. If not, it is the store managers responsibility to examine how and why a sales rep fell short and subsequently how they can work towards improvement.

    • What it means to your wireless business: Plain and simple: revenue.

  • Maintains store cleanliness. This one is obvious. Your wireless store manager should take pride in not only their own appearance, but also the appearance of the store. Make sure that all windows and displays are wiped clean and every corner of the store is spotless.

    • What it means to your wireless business: A clean and healthy work environment (which might also lead to employees taking fewer sick days).

  • Hires sales reps that are hungry. Sales requires a go-getter, win-at-all-costs attitude. Your store manager should have an eye for those salespeople that are hungry to make money in the wireless and mobile technology arena.

    • What it means to your wireless business: Again, revenue.

  • Takes personal accountability for the team. When your sales team doesn't perform up to par, you don't want a store manager who will throw anyone under the bus before they take the blame themselves. A selfless store manager that will take the brunt of failure is a truly rare find. It shows they are willing to grow and learn.

    • What it means to your wireless business: A loyal and dedicated sales & customer service team.

  • Considers the professional development of sales reps. Try asking your sales manager about each of your sales reps long-term career goals. A truly great one will know not only what those goals are, but also how they might be achieved. Great store managers invest themselves in the long-term success of their sales reps.

    • What it means to your wireless business: A possible business growth opportunity with a sales rep that works their way up. Think of the pool of ideas you are cultivating in your sales force! That is a priceless resource!

  • Educates themselves on store inventory and policy. Most customers looking to buy will research your devices and accessories before even entering your store. Look for a wireless store manager that is passionate about education and hungry to learn more about wireless technology in a way that allows them to be a customer educator!

    • What it means to your wireless business: A distinct authority and ethos in your wireless retail business.


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