Managing a Successful Wireless Referral Marketing Campaign

Managing a Successful Wireless Referral Marketing Campaign

By Mark Landiak

Few things are quite as validating to your wireless sales process as referrals. Think about what a referral means to your wireless store. It means that your sales rep has done their job so proficiently that the customer has basically agreed to do part of the job for them by getting customers in the door! For your business to be successful, your team has to continually pursue referrals. As a manager, it's on you to facilitate the best practices that cultivate them and (perhaps more importantly) turn them into a habit.

When business is booming, referrals can be a key contributor to the bottom line. But even when things are slow, referrals are a good way to supplement inactivity (i.e. - in the immediate aftermath of tax season). This is why it's important to set up and manage a referral marketing campaign to drive store traffic consistently throughout the year.

There are three vital steps to the World's Greatest Referral Technique: They are:

  1. Thank the customer for their business.

  2. Narrow down the audience (Of the...).

  3. Ask the 'who' question (… who are two or three people I could contact?)

  4. BONUS STEP: Ask permission to use the customer's name in the referral.

Managing a referral marketing program requires your commitment and discipline. It's on you as the sales manager to ensure that the technique is being practiced regularly (whether in a role play scenario or on the floor in everyday customer interaction).Don't practice until you get it right; practice until you can't get it wrong. Make it a habit and share the enthusiasm for success with the rest of your wireless sales team.

Here are a few tips for following through and effectively managing your wireless referral marketing program:

  1. Re-emphasize to your sales team that with practice and consistency, the program works.

  2. Listen in on conversations for the “Do you know...” type questions and reinforce the proper technique.

  3. Practice it daily until it becomes a habit.

  4. Make sure your sales reps are asking for permission in their role plays and when using the technique with their customers. It should be a fundamental idea to customer courtesy.

  5. Work with your wireless sales reps to set daily individual goals around referrals received and monthly goals for referral sales.

Providing a high quality and memorable customer experience is pivotal to setting yourself apart from the competition. In developing your referral marketing program, you must trust not only in the program itself but also in your customers. Trust that your customers will want to refer you when (not if, when) you provide them with this hallmark customer experience.


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