How Your Staffing & Recruiting Are Affecting Your Wireless Business

Staffing & Recruiting Can Affect Your Wireless Business

By Mark Landiak

Proficiency is the ability to do a job with excellence. Few things affect your wireless sales team's overall proficiency as uniquely as staffing.

As Wireless Sales Manager, it's imperative that you supply your team with the tools they need to succeed. This includes preparing and coaching them on a thorough qualifying question outline and instilling a structured follow-up process. However, you also need to ensure that every member of your team has the time and opportunity to implement these tools. No team can play to their potential short-handed. If you are inadequately staffed, your team is getting undermined of that opportunity.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering how staffing in your wireless store(s) might be affecting your business:

  1. Does your current staffing level allow time for proper in-store customer service?

  2. Are you hiring individuals with a hunger to perform?

  3. Is your team having to rush to take care of the next person in line?

  4. What does the line look like when you're busy?

  5. Does your current staffing level allow time to call every new customer in Months 1 and 2?

  6. Does your current staffing level allow time to call every customer every 60 days?

Your wireless sales team needs time to be able to retreat from the front-line and reflect. They need the chance to come up for air, step away from the sales floor and assess their progress. In doing so, they can re-approach it with a clear head and re-energized focus on what they did well and what areas they can improve upon. Furthermore, they need the chance to actually occupy their time with follow-up initiatives. Inadequately staffing your store is putting your existing team at a tremendous competitive disadvantage in all of these areas. It is hampering their ability to perform with proficiency and (in doing so) costing you a lot of money.


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