What Makes a Great Manager in Wireless Retail

Great Traits in a Wireless Retail Manager

By Mark Landiak

Great teams share in both success and failure. However, every team outcome is a reflection of the quality of leadership that is demonstrated within that unit. Great leaders both take it upon themselves to program this into their team's organizational culture and serve as active model participants in these daily pursuits

Contrary to popular belief, it was Voltaire (not Spider-Man's Uncle Ben) that originally coined the phrase, “With great power comes great responsibility.” That's a lot of power/responsibility that store owners and regional managers bestow upon store managers when they decide to hand over the keys to the store. Yet, it has unfortunately become a common practice for sales reps with little or no wireless retail management experience to be promoted into store manager roles.

Wireless store managers: the quality of your leadership will ultimately determine the level of performance of your store and your team. Dealers: it's on you to ensure that you're putting the right management personnel in place and (in doing so) putting them in a consistent position to succeed.

Here's a list of the top traits of an effective wireless store manager (and what they mean to your wireless retail buiness).

Customer Retention & Brand Loyalty in Wireless Retail

Customer Retention & Brand Loyalty in Wireless Retail

By Mark Landiak

How many competing wireless stores do you have within a mile radius of you? Chances are there is at least one (if not a handful more). The wireless market reached 100 percent saturation back in 2013 and has continued to expand in volume. This means that while the vast majority of the population already possesses one wireless device (along with a set of complementary accessories), there is a growing portion of that sample that now functions daily with two or more. As a result, the practical focus is no longer on getting new activations through technical differentiation. Instead, the focus has shifted towards cultivating brand loyalty and retaining repeat customers by tending consistently to their needs.

Customer retention (or brand loyalty if you prefer) is vital to maintaining long-term profitability for independent wireless resellers.

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